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Church Information

Culbertson Baptist Church has offered worship, prayer, community service, and age appropriate programs to southern Indiana for more than 125 years. Affiliated with American Baptist Churches USA, Culbertson Baptist is built upon the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. The Great Commandment reminds us that we are to be a people who love God with everything we have and everything we are, and to love our neighbor as ourselves (Matthew Chapter 22), Mark 12, and Luke 10). The Great Commission tells us to go into the community in our daily lives and make disciples of those we encounter (Matthew Chapter 28).

Each week, we gather on Sunday mornings for Sunday School Bible Study (9am) and Worship (10:15am) and on Wednesday nights for our Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry Programs (6:00pm) and our Adult Bible Study (6:00pm). Our Sanctuary Choir and Worship Band also practice on Wednesday nights. Just as Christ welcomes each of as we are, we welcome all people to join us in our Sunday Morning Worship service, where you can find people in both casual dress and more formal dress.


At Culbertson Baptist, we recognize that following Jesus is best done through relationships; therefore, we seek to nurture and equip others for their spiritual journeys. We do this by providing opportunities to explore and practice the Christian disciplines that guide us into following Jesus: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness, and self-control (Galatians Chapter 5). Together, as a community of faith, we sit and stand with each other during both the good time and bad times of life.


We believe that following Jesus means becoming more like him in our daily lives. We know and proclaim the good news that Jesus transforms lives. As a congregation, we also partner with various organizations to make a difference in our community and world. We participate in many projects to help those in need both locally and globally. Since 2023, we have partnered with the Homeless Coalition of Southern Indiana by providing them office space and hosting the White Flag Shelter each winter in our gym. We also help provide food to those hungry in southern Indiana, purchase school supplies for students in our local school system, and provide financial classes for women in Myanmar. We have mission partnerships with missionaries in Myanmar, Haiti, Honduras, Colombia, Thailand, and South Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

(about our Sunday morning worship service)

When does the worship service begin? Our service begins at 10:15am.


What is the service like? A typical Sunday morning service last about 60 minutes and includes music, prayer, scripture readings, responsive readings/litanies, and a thoughtful, prepared, and engaging sermon from the Bible.


What is the music like? We have a blended worship service with contemporary music and traditional hymns. Our service is led by our Minister of Worship & Music in addition to our praise band and choir. We have a projection screen that is used throughout the service and provides the words to the music and the scripture passage for the sermon.

What should I wear? You are welcome to wear whatever makes you comfortable. We will have a couple of people in a suit or dress, while the majority will be in more casual clothes. We want you to feel welcome in whatever you wear.

Will I be asked to give money? While we have a weekly offering available for those who call Culbertson Baptist home, you are not expected to give.

How can I participate in the worship service? We believe communal worship participation is vital to faithfully following Jesus and you are welcome to participate in the worship service in any way that you feel comfortable.

How can my children participate on Sunday morning? During the worship service, we have a Children's Sermon connecting the theme of the service to the children. Then, our trained leaders guide the children ages 3 years old through 2nd grade in a Children's Worship Service. We also provide a nursery for children ages newborn through preschool. Also, as parents are comfortable, all children are welcome to stay with them in the sanctuary or participate in the Children's Sermon and Children's Worship Service.

How can my family get involved? We have several ways your family can get involved in the life of Culbertson Baptist. On our home page, you can click on links to various areas of ministries and find their activities and programs. You can also view our Outreach Ministry page to participate in the various ways we support community organizations. We welcome you to join us and to use your own strengths and skills to further God's kingdom on earth through what we are doing at Culbertson Baptist Church. You are also welcome to call our pastor to learn more about the church.

The Hanging of the Greens Service

On the 1st Sunday of Advent, we begin the Holy Season of Advent in worship through the Christmas symbols of our faith. You can view our Hanging of the Greens Service page
to learn more about the special service.

Our Vision
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Church Beliefs

We are affiliated with American Baptist Churches USA. As an American Baptist congregation, you can click on this link to learn more about “Who We Are: (

You can also follow this link to learn “10 Facts You Should Know About American Baptist” (

We​ believe that Jesus Christ is the ultimate of who God is and what it means to be human as Jesus is both fully God and fully human. As we live out our faith, we look to Jesus as an example of how to relate to each other. Through Jesus' gift of grace and mercy, we welcome people as they are and invite them to fully participate in the life of our congregation. Just as we have been transformed by God's love, we invite others to embrace God's love and become transformed into a life that honors God and demonstrates God's kingdom on earth.

We live out this truth in a variety of ways, but we want to share some practical example of this truth. At Culbertson Baptist, we fully embrace women in all areas of ministry and leadership. We have women deacons and welcome women to preach from our pulpit. While our current pastor is male, we also affirm that God calls females to the work of pastor and celebrate God's pastoral calling to all people, both male and female. We also practice open communion accept believer's baptism regardless of modality.

Church History

Established in 1889, Culbertson Baptist Church originally started as a mission on Ekin Avenue. The first members were a few ladies who only held Sunday School. Some years later the group bought a property on Culbertson Avenue, hence the name Culbertson Avenue Baptist Church. In 1979, a committee was formed to study relocating. The congregation was moved to our present location at 4007 Grant Line Road, and the church dropped "Avenue" from its name.


Here is a list of our former pastors and our current staff.


Dr. Danny Russell (2019 - Present)

Dr. Darrell James (2000 - 2017)

Dr. Ken Nicola (1993 - 1999)

Rev. Charles Shields (1980 - 1992)

Rev. Danny Morris (1977s-1979)

Rev. Dan Mattox (1968-1977)

Rev. Merris Dice (1963-1967)

Rev. CD Strother (1921-1963)

Associate Pastors and Staff

Mrs. Leslie Gabhart,

Minister of Music & Worship (2004 - Present)

Mrs. Jennifer Johanningsmeier, Accompanist

(2006 - Present)

Dana Boren, Custodian

(2021 - Present)

Mrs. Tonya Cockeril,


(1989 - Present)

Mr. Mike Reynolds,

Business Manager 

(2022 - Present)

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