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Youth Ministry


​Currently, our church does not have a youth minister, so our pastor partners with the Christian Education committee to oversee the youth ministry of the church. The youth ministry is comprised of students from 7th grade-12th grade. 


The youth ministry has a strong legacy at Culbertson Baptist, and we believe that our church’s approach to youth ministry can be described by two phrases - “God’s work is hand on” and “Striving to walk like Christ in everything we do.”

God’s Work Is Hands On

The youth have always been actively involved in missions, especially in our community. Through our church’s partnership with HOPE Southern, Indiana and other community organizations, our youth group uses their own hands and feet to be Jesus’ hands and feet in our community. We do this by volunteering at Saturday Cafe at St. Marks' United Christian Church. We do this by helping make Thanksgiving Meal boxes in November. We do this by baking cookies and delivering them to the residents of local nursery homes. The youth of our church recognize that their faith in Christ leads them to act, to live out their faith by how they treat others and care for the people of our community in a variety of ways.​

Striving To Walk Like Christ In Everything We Do

​At the heart of our youth ministry is the desire to see the youth become Christ followers who strive to walk like Christ in everything they do. Youth study God’s word together during Sunday School and other youth meetings as they seek to apply God’s word to their lives.


In the past, our youth have studied The Experiencing Christ Together Student Edition curriculum, which was written by Doug Fields and Brett Eastman through Zondervan and Youth Specialties. In this series, the youth explored how one’s faith in Christ shapes one’s life in the world. They also explored how following Jesus means making a daily decision to act in a way that honors God, that lives through God’s kingdom on earth. Here is an outline of the curriculum: Beginning in Jesus, Connecting in Jesus, Growing in Jesus, Serving Like Jesus, Sharing Jesus, and Surrendering to Jesus. You can click on each link through the series and learn more about The Experiencing Christ Together Student Edition curriculum.

Our Annual Events

January - Movie/Game Night

February - Super Bowl Party

March - Spring Weekend Camp Retreat

April - Spring Fling, Thunder Breakfast

May - Parent Night Out

June - Summer Camp

July - VBS, Ice Cream Social

August - Pool Party, Back-to-School Party

September - Movie/Game Night

October - Trunk or Treat, Food Drive

November - Thanksgiving Meal Basket

December - Christmas Cards and Cookies Delivery

Community and Fellowship

Community and Fellowship are also other defining elements of the youth ministry at CBC. The youth plan regular fellowship outings in addition to our activities and events at the church. Other elements of the youth ministry that fosters fellowship and community in our group are ski trips, fall retreats, white-water rafting trips, annual mission trips and camp, lock-ins, and helping with our annual Vacation Bible School.

Passport Camp - 2023
Passport Camp - 2023.JPG
Our Youth Room
Youth Room.jpeg
Youth Sunday School meet at 9:00am and Worship meets Sunday at 10:15am

If you would like more information about our church’s Youth Ministry,
you may email Dr. Danny Russell, our pastor.

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